Our festivals are designed for everyone.

Inclusive, joyful, and unforgettable. We provide a space for families to come together, relax, socialise, play, create, dance, and party.

Inclusivity is our top priority, and we believe no one should be priced out of the festival experience.

To ensure our events are accessible to everyone, we are seeking sponsors to help us provide 400 complimentary tickets to low-income families at our upcoming Summer Festival in 2024. During our last festival in 2023, we distributed 220 complimentary tickets to families, and we hope to double that number this year.

How You Can Make a Difference

To achieve this goal of 400 tickets, we have partnered with Crowdfund Barnet and Spacehive to launch a crowdfunding initiative. A contribution, regardless of its size, will go a long way in helping generate complimentary tickets for low-income families.

Visit our dedicated Spacehive page to pledge your support


Partnering for a Cause

We are also working closely with local organisations such as the Young Barnet Foundation, local schools, places of worship, MPs, Councillors, Inclusion Barnet, arts and cultural centres like Arts Depot, community hubs such as One Stonegrove, and local food banks to ensure that the complimentary tickets are given to the right families.

We believe that the festival experience should be accessible to everyone, and we would greatly appreciate your support in making this happen.

Thank you for considering sponsoring us.